Welcome to my site and blog.

Here you can read all what interests me related to both and personal life. I would like to see my life as one integration of my actions and thoughts.

ICT Career

I started my ICT career in 2000. Before that I use to a Cabin Attendant. After 5 years flying all over the world I noticed the travelling did not gave me the satisfaction and exctitement as it use to do.

The excitement was (and still) in the rise of the internet. Appealed by the use off all the new technologies in combination with new straightforward communication ( webpages ) made the internet sexy. So I quit at KLM and bought a computer and started to dive into this new world of technology.

Completely autodidact I set my first steps and created my first webpages. It was my strategy to build my own webpages and then to start applying for a job. Which turned out to be a successful because already after three months I was hired as a serverside ASP software developer at a company which developed software for financial consulting.

Advertisement Agencies

The main part of my career I have been working for Advertisement Agencies like Ogilvy and Media Republic

These were the times when Adobe Flash was the most interesting and exciting technology to create ‘Off te hook’ websites. One of the most interesting was a music channel we created for Tommy Hilfiger. The site however is turned down. Basically because Flash is turned down by mr. Jobs.

Mobile Devices

Needless to say that Apple with her devices has changed the internet landscape completely with other technologies with native App development and with ‘Responsive Websites’. After developing for mobile devices for a few years now and getting older as well I feel I get more senior and start to develop a more ‘birds-eye’ view. This is why I concentrate my activities more to project and account management.


Gaining more experience with the years together with my growing interest for philosophy and spirituality I like to see and get involved what will be the next development in the way we will use devices to connect to friends , work. New technologies like iBeacon will be implemented in the near future and will change the way we will interact with our direct environment

Sustainable technologies

Another development which inspires me a lot are sustainable technologies like the Sahara Forest Project. A project which uses solar power to desalinate seawater and turning it into fresh water and use that same power to irrigate the the desert and turning it into fresh green fields and forests.


A very inspiring documentary has been made by VPRO’s ‘Tegenlicht’ and is called ‘Overvloed’ which I can totally recommend. With so much negativity in the media this documentary is like a sunset after a dark night and will make end up with a great feeling making you want to reach out to tomorrow with it’s enormous potential.


Work, and life off course, can be very hectic and full of stress. In Yoga I find stability and recovery and a way to ‘ground’ after a hectic day. After a couple of years I find the influence of Yoga is increasing in the way I stand in life and the way I face my challenges. This motivates to explore Yoga even deeper. After three years of practicing Bikram Yoga and finishing a 100 days challenge I am now interested in another style of Yoga ‘Astanga’.

This blog will also be about my findings in Yoga. But also other passions I have like Tango, Philosophy, Meditation, Books and Food. I hope these blogs will get your interest or even perhaps will inspire you.

In kind regards

Martijn Wip